Bathroom Beautification Begins At the Door

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but it’s possible to reclaim as much as 10 square feet of space. When remodeling or in new construction, the addition of a pocket door can not only save precious space, but make a design statement as well.

Using a Pocket Door Frame, you can eliminate doorway clutter and free up extra space in any bathroom by installing a door-in the-wall in place of a conventional swinging door.

Standard doors require eight to ten square feet of floor space around an entry. But a pocket door allows floor space to be used right up to the door opening–in effect, giving you a bigger bathroom.

In addition to bringing a more open feel to the room, installing a pocket door helps you control appearance. Doors of virtually any design and finish can be selected, so doorways that were once ordinary can be transformed into dramatic room features. A pocket door installation enhances entryways by contributing a neat and modern look.

The Johnson Pocket Door Frame provides special features that simplify initial installation and keep the system operating trouble-free over time. A box-shaped track with convex rails keeps hanger wheels from jumping off. Keyhole slots in the track make it easy to remove without breaking into walls.

The Johnson Pocket Door Frame also has rust-resistant, zinc-coated, steel-sided studs and jamb to provide a rigid surface for walls and prevent accidental nail penetration that could damage doors. Self-adjusting anchors keep eventual floor settling from disturbing horizontal alignment of the header and track. These and other innovations have been built into the system to eliminate problems that used to be a source of common complaints.

First timers can install a Johnson Pocket Door Frame with common hand tools in about 30 minutes. Practiced professionals can often do the job in ten minutes or less.

Of course, the beautifying and space-saving advantages of pocket doors are not limited just to bathrooms. The convenience and versatility of a Pocket Door Frame makes it possible to enhance closets, kitchens, dining rooms or other areas throughout the home.

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